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Copie de sauvegarde


My setup is the same as yours. I have a PB Titanium G4 and a 40 GB LaCie PocketDrive which i use for a daily full backup with CarbonCopy Cloner. This is great for troubleshooting or emergency recovery.

For a rotating backup solution, i have installed ip over Firewire on my PB and a G4/400. I have a 120 GB LaCie (I love that company! Héhé!) which is connected to the G4. I'm using Retrospect to backup the G4 (web + mail server) and the Users folder on the PB. I'm also using Retrospect to backup the web sites / databases on the G4 to the PB.

Every time i'm getting out, i'm bringing with me either the PB or the Pocketdrive. With this setup, all my data is synchronize on several HDs and always with me when i'm not a home. The only possibility to lose all my data is if my appartment burn, explode and i'm at home...

Je viens d'écrire ceci à Jay Allen en commentaire d'un article sur son carnet.

Je me suis dit que ça pourrait peut-être inspirer quelqu'un d'autre.